New Ross is open and refreshed

By Dan Walsh

The trial run of four weeks of pedestrianisation in New Ross on each Friday, Saturday and Sunday of August has commenced with a pleasant degree of success so far. And, the weather is helping too!

A pleasant summer scene on South Street, New Ross, this afternoon

Many visitors were taking advantage of today’s brilliant sunshine and tasty varieties of food on South Street. There was also some music to sweeten the mood. The trial is to assist local traders deal with the effects of the Covid-19 restrictions on business and trade in the town.

New Ross Municipal District has provided funding for tables and chairs which will be put out for use by any traders and it will also link in with New Ross Summer Sessions which is currently each Saturday and Sunday.
Today’s photo taken in South Street is enriched by the fresh artwork from The Walls Project, and one of five murals to be installed in New Ross celebrating The Norman Way.

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