Templeshannon Regeneration

By Dan Walsh

Information on the Templeshannon Regeneration Strategy was contained in a report from the Wexford County Council Special Projects Office revealed at Monday’s Enniscorthy Municipal District Council meeting held by Microsoft Teams to facilitate the Level 5 Coronavirus restrictions.


The strategy identifies a number of enabling projects required to achieve regeneration, including:  (a) Improving the public realm and streetscape in Templeshannon area. (b) Establishing a new link to the town centre by construction of new pedestrian bridge. (c) The management and progressive transformation of the Leisure Centre car park, and the creation of new urban blocks for infill development.  

The delivery of these enabling works can best be achieved by the development of a master plan for Templeshannon that will co-ordinate the public realm works with the development of the proposed new urban blocks within Templeshannon. 

The brief for services for the masterplan was advertised in October and tenders are due on November 24th.

The site investigation works on Island Road and in the Swimming Pool car park commenced and will be completed this week. The preliminary design and bridge options report will be completed on receipt of the data from the SI works in the coming months. 

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