Walkers make it to safety at Bannow

By Dan Walsh

Volunteer lifeboat crew at Fethard RNLI received a call from the Irish Coast Guard on Sunday to reports of three walkers who were cut off by the incoming tide with no way of getting to safety.

The inshore lifeboat arrived at Cocklestrand, west of Bannow Island at 5.35pm. The Kilmore Quay Coast Guard unit was also tasked. Once on scene the lifeboat crew began the search for the stranded walkers. An extensive search of the north and south shoreline was carried out, but the walkers were nowhere to be seen and had made their own way to safety.

Fethard RNLI Lifeboat responded to a call at Cocklestrand. (Pic RNLI/Mark Brennan)

Mark Brennan, Fethard RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer said: “The member of the public did absolutely the right thing, reporting someone in difficulty. It is always better to be safe than sorry and we would much rather launch and find nothing than not launch at all, safety is always our priority.”

Mr Brennan added that people are keen to exercise outside within government guidelines and live in a beautiful area with lots of access to the coast. “However, we would advise people to keep an eye on their surroundings, in particular incoming tides and also to watch their footing on the shoreline.”

“Fethard RNLI remain on call and fully operational during the Covid-19 pandemic. There is no crew training or exercises taking place now, but we are here if people need us,” concluded Mr Brennan.

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