Hail the ‘greening’ ports of France

By Dan Walsh

While many public buildings in towns across County Wexford are turning ‘green’ on St. Patrick’s Day WexfordLocal.com has learned that Dunkirk and other ports in France serving traffic from Rosslare Europort are set to greet the ships with a ‘green’ welcome!

France and Ireland have a long historical relationship with many from Wexford fighting on the streets of France during the Revolution of 1789. In return, France sent forces to Ireland for the 1798 Insurrection; some arrived late and some went to the wrong location. However, they did go to the effort of making the voyage!

ROSSLARE EUROPORT is a busy port these days!

Senator Malcolm Byrne has praised Tourism Ireland’s initiative in greening the French ports and urged businesses in Wexford as well as the country generally attracting more French visitors coming out of the pandemic.

“Brexit makes it more difficult for French people to travel to England. We have to ensure that the French know how welcoming Wexford and Ireland can be,” added Senator Byrne.

While we await the full list of Wexford public buildings turning ‘green’ for the national holiday with the celebrations completely axed for the second successive year due to Covid-19 wouldn’t it be nice if a ‘green twinning’ were to light up Rosslare Europort and both ports would go ‘green’! On the other hand, would anybody notice?

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