Maria’s novel in the shadow of Covid-19

By Dan Walsh

A new novel from Maria Nolan entitled The Shadow of the Hill was launched on World Book Day, but due to Covid-19 restrictions there was no place for a conventional launch and faced with difficulty in marketing the work, but the book is published and should be readily available in paperback shortly.

The Shadow of the Hill is set amongst the history and heritage of the author’s native place at the turn of the 20th century and follows the fortunes of the McDonald family and their thirteen children through everyday living, but also the impact of more international events from the past such as the Boer War, the Wexford Lockout, the Great War and the local events of the 1916 Rising.

MARIA NOLAN whose debut novel The Shadow of the Hill has just been published.

The author said; “It is part of who we are. The blood and bone of our ancestors flowed into our river and seeped into our soil. It is what we eat and drink here in Enniscorthy and it will never let us forget.”

Maria Nolan is heavily involved in local happenings related to the culture and history of Enniscorthy, theatrical events and a member of the local re-enactors group who are an integral part of commemoration and pageantry almost nationwide for a number of years now. She is a regular contributor to the local free newspaper Slaney News.

Maria’s latest work has won praise from many literary sources including top writers like Carmel Harrington and Sheila Forsey. The unique cover design on The Shadow of the Hill is the work of local artist Larry Dunne.

“It was a very exciting day for me as my debut novel and is published as an eBook on Amazon Kindle but the paperback version is on its way and will be available shortly in Eason’s (formerly Byrne’s) in Gorey, Enniscorthy and Wexford and at Red Books in St. Peter’s Square, Wexford,” Maria told

AUDIO ADDITION ; MARIA NOLAN talks to DAN WALSH about her novel The Shadow of the Hill.

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