New Vaccination Centre at Kilanerin

By Dan Walsh

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has announced the welcome news that the HSE has secured a site for a new vaccination centre that will serve both south Wicklow and north Wexford at Kilanerin Community Centre.

The new centre is expected to be fully operational by the middle of June and will have the capacity to offer 1,200 vaccinations a day.

The Kilanerin Community Centre, which will have ten vaccination booths, is an ideal location for the new vaccination centre as it has both parking facilities and enough space for the vaccination teams to operate and is located in the village.


Minister Donnelly praised the work done by the HSE in finding the new location. He said: “An immense amount of work has gone into finding suitable premises for the vaccination centre which was not an easy thing to do as there are a lot of criteria that have to be met. I had asked the HSE that they make it a matter of urgency to find somewhere suitable which after a lot of hard work they have now done. Kilanerin is ideal for people in the area to get to.

Kilanerin Community Centre has been developed and enlarged by Kilanerin Ballyfad Community Development Association in recent years and will remove the need for people from north Wexford to travel long distances for the Covid-19 vaccine.

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