Papal Knighthood for Eugene Doyle

By Dan Walsh

During 7pm Friday evening Mass in St. Senan’s Parish Church, Enniscorthy, Bishop Denis Brennan conferred a Papal Knighthood on local parishioner Eugene Doyle on behalf of Pope Francis in recognition of his personal and professional contribution to the Diocese of Ferns.

EUGENE DOYLE receives a Papal Knighthood from Pope Francis

Since becoming Diocesan Finance Officer in 2004, Mr Doyle has helped to shape and oversee diocesan financial policy in a time of acute challenge – and as responses were being shaped – to a new evolving human, pastoral, spiritual and economic reality.

Bishop Denis Brennan said; “The focus of the last twenty years in the diocese has been genuine engagement and honesty with major issues that have confronted the diocese. As Diocesan Finance Officer, Eugene Doyle played an invaluable part in restoring trust and in helping chart a sure course through turbulent waters.

“In the conferral of the honour on one of our parishioners, I am conscious that it will be warmly received at all levels here in Ferns diocese and will – in some part – recognise the selfless and very often unnoticed heroic effort that marks daily life here in our parishes, and within the Diocese of Ferns,” concluded Bishop Brennan.

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