Jet Ski rescue off Duncannon Harbour

By Dan Walsh

The volunteer lifeboat crew at Fethard RNLI were requested to launch by the Irish Coast Guard on Saturday at 5.34pm, to assist a person in difficulties on their jet ski.

The crew launched the D-Class lifeboat Naomh Dubhán on the beach under Duncannon Fort. Duncannon beach lifeguards and Rescue 117 Helicopter were also involved in the rescue.

FETHARD RNLI Lifeboat on exercise. Pic; RNLI/Nigel Millard.

Conditions were calm with a light breeze on the hottest day of the year. As the lifeboat proceeded to the area where the jet ski was located, it was established from communications with the Irish Coast Guard that the male was assisted ashore by the lifeguard and locals and was receiving casualty care at Duncannon Harbour.

Fethard lifeboat crew recovered the beached jet ski, towing it into the harbour and then rendered assistance with the care of the casualty.

Speaking about the incident Fethard RNLI Volunteer Helm John Colfer said; “It was a very positive outcome showing the teamwork achieved by the lifeguards, the Coast Guard helicopter and ourselves.” John also took the opportunity to remind all pleasure craft users to “Always wear a personal flotation device. Stay with your craft in an emergency as it will keep you afloat and easy to locate. Make sure you are wearing suitable clothing for weather and water conditions, as warm air conditions do not mean warm water conditions.”

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