Fishermen rescued in Wexford Harbour

Three fishermen were rescued after their vessel suffered engine failure and drifted onto a sandbank close to the ‘bar’ in Wexford Harbour on Monday.

After the vessel suffered engine failure the anchor snapped allowing the vessel to drift onto the sandbank.

Wexford RNLI Lifeboat (File Picture)

Wexford RNLI Lifeboat launched at 3.30pm on Monday and navigated through sandbanks on a falling tide to the vessel. As attempts to refloat the vessel failed at that time, the crew took one fisherman onboard.

At 1.33am on Tuesday morning both Wexford and Rosslare Harbour managed to work together to tow the crew and their vessel to safety.

Wexford and Rosslare Harbour RNLI Lifeboats were involved in a joint operation and the crew, and their stricken vessel were towed to safety.

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