Two adults and dog rescued by Fethard RNLI

By Dan Walsh

Fethard RNLI answered two calls in 24 hours last Thursday and Friday, but fortunately, there was a successful outcome with both events ending safely.

Already reported on two adults and a child were brought to safety by Fethard RNLI on Thursday after their 17ft Dory boat suffered engine failure and was in danger of verging into a nearby shipping lane.

FETHARD RNLI Inshore Lifeboat (Pic; RNLI)

On Friday evening, Fethard RNLI came to the aid of two adults and their pet dog after their 18ft boat suffered engine failure and was drifting on a flood tide. The volunteer crew launched their inshore lifeboat shortly at 7pm after a call to the Irish Coast Guard from a vessel experiencing engine difficulties one nautical mile north of Duncannon.

Arriving on scene, the lifeboat crew assessed the situation and made the decision to tow the vessel and occupants out of danger of the Waterford Estuary shipping channel to the safety of port.

Weather conditions at the time were good with a light easterly breeze and a flood tide.

Speaking about the call out on Friday evening, Fethard RNLI Helm Eoin Bird said; “The crew of the vessel made the right decision to call for help as soon as they did, as the broken-down vessel had drifted into the Waterford Estuary shipping lane. It’s also important to note that you should always call 999 or 112 even if your own mobile phone network has no coverage, as your phone will try to connect to any other available network.”

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