Fishermen rescued in thick fog

By Dan Walsh

Two fishermen were stranded in thick fog in a small open punt after their craft suffered outboard engine difficulties off Creaden Head in the Waterford Estuary last Saturday.

Fethard RNLI was requested to launch by the Irish Coast Guard shortly before 12.30pm. The volunteer crew of Fethard RNLI launched their inshore lifeboat at Duncannon Strand and proceeded to the co-ordinates given by the men on the broken-down vessel.


The water was flat calm and there was a light breeze at the time. However, visibility was less than four metres in a thick fog. The fishermen were located off Woodstown, where they tied up to a lobster pot marker buoy.

There, the lifeboat crew assessed the situation, and it was decided to tow the fishermen’s boat back to the safety of Duncannon Harbour.

Thomas Stafford, Fethard RNLI Helm said afterwards; “The two lads did everything right. They wore their lifejackets, they tied up to a marker when the engine failed, and they had the means to call for help and give their co-ordinates when things went wrong. All this led to a positive outcome with the two lads being returned to safety.

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