Sea search off Baginbun Bay

By Dan Walsh

Fethard RNLI launched its inshore lifeboat on Friday afternoon last to conduct a sea search after a concerned member of the public out kayaking reported seeing an object floating in the sea off Baginbun beach.

An extensive sea search of Baginbun Bay was carried out by Fethard RNLI lifeboat, with Rescue 117 assisting from the air. Fethard Coast Guard ground units carried out a shoreline search.

Fethard Lifeboat searching in Baginbun Bay (Pic; RNLI/Mark Brennan)

Weather conditions at the time were good with a light south-westerly breeze, calm sea conditions and good visibility.

After two hours, the search was stood down by the Irish Coast Guard, when nothing was found.

Speaking after the call out, Pete Barry, Fethard RNLI Deputy Launch Authority said; “Even though the call turned out to be a false alarm, we would like to commend the member of the public who did the right thing by calling 999 to report what they saw. We would rather launch to investigate what was seen and put everyone’s mind at ease. This call also highlights the importance of always carrying a means of communication when involved in water activities by the sea.”

The multi-agency response involved Fethard RNLI, Fethard Coast Guard, the National Ambulance Service, An Garda Siochana and Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue 117.

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