Tenants locked out of their new homes!

CLLR JOE SULLIVAN at the new housing development at Tober Mhuire View on Scholar’s Way, Gorey,; 12 units are ready but have yet to be occupied.

By Dan Walsh at Gorey and the April meeting of Wexford County Council

Speaking at the April meeting of Wexford County Council Chairman of the Council’s Strategy Policy Committee for Housing, Cllr Joe Sullivan, stated that there were, at least three locations where houses were completed and ready for occupation, but for whatever reason had not been allocated to tenants, and he requested urgent action on the situation at the April meeting.

In total there are twenty-six units countywide – Tober Mhuire View, Scholar’s Way, Gorey (12 units), Airhill, Belvedere Road, Wexford (7) and The Ballagh (7).

“I am personally at this moment in time, having great difficulty trying to get my head around what is going on with these houses and as an elected representative feel that I have a personal responsibility to exert as much pressure as I possibly can, on behalf of people who are voiceless,” said Cllr Sullivan from the Gorey-Kilmuckridge district, who added; “I would, therefore, exhort you and your esteemed colleagues within Wexford County Council and Wexford Housing Department to use your good offices, and as a matter of priority, get these outstanding 26 properties into service, Immediately.”

Director of Services with responsibility for housing, Carolyne Godkin told the meeting “The last thing I want to see is houses lying idle” but she pointed out that “some issues need a resolution.” She indicated that some offers are on the way while one is private-led and there are still some snagging problems. She hoped for good news by the May meeting.

Today, Cllr Sullivan invited WexfordLocal.com to Gorey where a dozen state-of-the-art units are ready for occupation at Tober Mhuire View, but are currently lying idle, apparently some snagging issues need to be resolved to the Council’s satisfaction, but this is a slow process and the local public representative is annoyed and is calling for urgent action.

“I want to expediate this process as quickly as possible because we have a huge housing list in Gorey and when you have twelve houses of this quality ready for occupation and to see them lying idle, is, in my opinion, needs to be addressed and addressed very urgently,” said Cllr Sullivan who raised the matter at the Wexford County Council meeting and brings the matter to the top of the agenda at next Tuesday’s meeting of Gorey-Kilmuckridge District Council.

Cllr Sullivan concluded that 2022 promised “housing for all”, however, he is sceptical that it could be a scenario of “housing for very few.”

AUDIO ADDITION – CLLR JOE SULLIVAN calling for houses at Tober Mhuire View, Gorey, to be allocated.

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