Medieval Ferns reveals a rich heritage

ST. AIDAN reads from the pages of his writings with Catherine McPartlin, Manager, and Margaret Christopher, staff at the Ferns Medieval Experience.

By Dan Walsh

The Ferns Medieval Experience based in Ferns Community Centre is Wexford’s newest visitor attraction that tells the story of a medieval past in an engaging and fun way using a range of modern media including virtual reality and audio visual.

Manager Catherine McPartlan has welcomed to visit the attraction and share in the experience and we hear her comments and enthusiasm here;

AUDIO ADDITION; Manager Catherine McPartlin welcomes everybody to Ferns for the Medieval Experience and a feast of heritage.

Before the Normans arrived in Wexford, Gaelic kings dominated – and none more controversial than Diarmait MacMurrough, King of Leinster. The man some say was a tyrant who betrayed his people, while others say he was a man of his time! Visit this innovative attraction and come to your own conclusion and while you’re there, why not take the Inauguration Stone Challenge and see if you are fit to be a king!

Before MacMurrough’s time, another man chose Ferns as his base. Centuries earlier, a man born under miraculous circumstances in Co Cavan, was granted land in Ferns to build a monastery after he performed a miracle for the then King of Leinster, Brandubh. To this day, St. Aidan’s Monastery is a source of enquiry, with ongoing archaeological digs adding pieces of the jigsaw – unearthing the secrets buried for centuries and discovering the intersection of two time periods.

Ferns, the Ancient Capital of Leinster is central to Wexford’s medieval story and has a fascinating story to tell. The village itself has many reminders of a rich heritage and is the source of ongoing archaeological activity as more investigation is carried out to uncover even more of the heritage hidden by centuries of natural evolution, so why not visit and find out the hidden gem that is Ferns.

Walk in the footsteps of saints, Gaelic kings and Norman knights by taking a guided walking tour of key medieval sites in Ferns.  You can pre-book a tour by contacting the Medieval Ferns Experience.  

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