New exhibition opens in Enniscorthy Castle

MICO HASSETT (Manager) and MICHAEL FORTUNE (Curator) at the new exhibition running in Enniscorthy Castle for the summer

By Dan Walsh

“That’s true, you know!” is a new and exclusive exhibition running in Enniscorthy Castle from today until July 29th as part of their 2022 summer programme.

Curated by the respected folklorist Michael Fortune of , it’s a first of its kind in the country as a sole showcase focusing on folkloric customs and beliefs from across Ireland. 

Wexford features strongly throughout the exhibition with objects, stories, photos and videos collected from every corner of the county and beyond.  Michael told; “I’m delighted to be invited by Manager Mico Hassett and her team to curate ‘That’s true, you know’ for Enniscorthy Castle as the old museum was the first museum I visited as a child.  It’s a great opportunity to display and share both the traditions and superstitions of local and national voices and have their stories and objects profiled in such historic surroundings”.

Mico Hassett commented; “The exhibition has a mixture of elements from a series of large and beautiful hanging displays focusing on areas around Holy Wells and Sacred Spaces, to the supernatural world of Fairies and the Banshee. To complement that you will also be walked through the calendar year with display boards for every month highlighting traditional dates of importance”.

Newly appointed Deputy Manager, Eve Furlong said ‘We have also curated a room focused on superstitions and beliefs aimed at children and teenagers which contains interactive aspects from walking under ladders, to stepping on cracks – a space sure to create some intrigue and wonder. To top it all off, Michael has also brought together a host of objects which he has acquired and borrowed from people and communities from all over Ireland.”  

Admission Tickets for the castle exhibition are available at the castle reception seven days a week or by calling 053 9234699. With a family of five tickets (2 plus up to 3 kids) just €15, an affordable and interesting day out is assured.  

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