Yacht breaks down in Bannow Bay

By Dan Walsh

Fethard RNLI launched its inshore lifeboat on Wednesday evening to assist the crew of a broken down 8-metre yacht in Bannow Bay.

The volunteer crew were requested to launch their inshore lifeboat by the Irish Coast Guard just after 9.15 pm. The crew proceeded to Fethard Dock where they launched the lifeboat and made their way to an area north-east of The Windy Gap.

Weather conditions were good with a light Force 2 north-westerly breeze, calm sea conditions and good visibility.

The crew arrived at the broken-down anchored vessel at 9.40 pm. The lifeboat crew assessed the situation, decided to establish a tow line and retract the keel, before towing the vessel to the safe water of Bannow, north of the Cockle Strand.

This launch marks the first shout for volunteer crew member Mick Cooper, as well as Mick Roche’s first launch as Helm.

Helm MICK ROCHE on his first shout aboard Fethard RNLI (Pic; RNLI/Mark Brennan)

Speaking after the shout, volunteer Helm Mick Roche said: “The crew of the yacht did everything right. They were well equipped with lifejackets, navigation tools, means of communication and great local knowledge, but were unfortunate to have engine difficulties. The crew did the right thing by alerting the Irish Coast Guard at the earliest opportunity.

“This call highlights the importance of always carrying a means of communication when involved in any water activities in or by the sea,” concluded Mr Roche.

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