ASBO’s could be needed in Enniscorthy

Dark days at the Orchard Peace Park at Enniscorthy due to anti-social behaviour. More action is needed for health and safety there.

By Dan Walsh at Enniscorthy Municipal District Council

It is not the kind of news that many people want to hear in Enniscorthy, but it emerged from today’s monthly meeting of the Municipal District Council that ASBO’s (anti-social behaviour order) may soon be enforced by An Garda Siochána in relation to reoccurring anti-social behaviour at the Orchard Peace Park.

District Manager Ger Mackey said the Peace Park is an amenity where the people should feel safe, it is well lit and CCTV cameras are installed there, but the situation is getting more serious and the health and safety of the area is being discussed with An Garda Siochána.

It is alleged that drugs have been found in the park. Windows have been broken in private residences and damage has been caused to the adjoining school. When the gates are locked individuals are able to go in and congregate there!

Cllr Barbara-Anne Murphy mentioned a recent occasion when she and this journalist were challenged by some undesirables while involved in a private conversation in the park!

Cllr Murphy said “it is up to us as a Council to make the place safe. She condemned the damage caused to the school nearby. And in an aside, Cllr Jackser Owens requested that the car park at St. Aidan’s Parish School be reopened. Apparently, it has been closed since before Covid-19?

Cllr Cathal Byrne was critical of the old Murphy-Flood’s site in the centre of town, now owned by Wexford County Council with plans for a library, units and apartments, which he labelled “the biggest eyesore in the town centre.”

This area of the town is used for drug exchanges, according to local sources, drinking and parties, and other forms of anti-social behaviour, and recently, smoke was observed emerging from the derelict site.

The meeting agreed that action was needed in cleaning up the town centre and improving its image as a safe place to do business and enjoy.

The new much-publicised public toilet on Vinegar Hill was back on the agenda. Apparently, it is reported that there was some interference with the door lock. We don’t have much to go on, but access was denied to some users!

And another amazing story to emerge from today’s meeting. It seems that fly-tipping is old fashioned, and the covers of the drains are lifted, rubbish of all description is placed in there and the drains get blocked! Engineer Neil Dempsey said his staff are coming across the practice on a regular basis and he is asking people to stop doing it!  

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