Change of bus stop locations in Gorey?

A proposal to relocate the Bus Stops away from the Main St., Gorey, was discussed at today’s meeting of Gorey-Kilmuckridge District Council

By Dan Walsh at Gorey-Kilmuckridge District Council meeting

A proposal to relocate Bus Stops from Gorey’s Main Street to the car park at the railway station is to be investigated and discussed with interest groups following a discussion the matter at today’s monthly meeting of Gorey-Kilmuckridge Municipal District Council held in Gorey Civic Centre with Cllr Donal Kenny (Cathaoirleach) in the chair.

Cllr Diarmuid Devereux told the meeting he had concerns about Bus Stops on either side of the Main Street and witnessed long tailbacks when a number of buses arrive at the same time and the town traffic is held up. He said there is a huge carpark at the railway station and added;” We cannot go on like that if we are expecting the 30% increase in population over the next 10 years or so.”

Cllr Kenny was in agreement with Cllr Devereux and mentioned the difficulty of 52-seater buses near schools. Cllr Bolger also alluded to “the back up of traffic in the town”.

Cllr Devereux offered a solution to taking the buses off Main Street and using the railway station carpark by entering and exiting the town off the M11 at junction 23!

It was agreed that everyone needed to be on board, an obvious reference to the bus operators, Age Friendly, wheelchair users etc., concerning the options for relocation and Cllr Pip Breen said there was a Transport SCP next month and the matter could be raised there.

Cllr Anthony Donohoe felt what is needed is road alterations and upgrades in conjunction with a traffic management plan.

Proposals at relocating the bus stops from the Main Street to another location has been on the agenda a few times before but users and shop owners adjacent to the stops have been steadfastly against any such move.   

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