Today is World Hearing Day

Úna Walsh, Tony Ward and Dr Sabrina Brennan Join forces for World Hearing Day ( March 3 ). Hidden Hearing ambassadors Úna Walsh, former Irish rugby player Tony Ward and neuroscientist and author Dr. Sabina Brennan are urging Irish people of all ages to Love Their Ears and stop taking hearing for granted. Photograph: Sasko Lazarov / Photocall Ireland

A day that reinforces the need for everyone to look after their hearing health. While early intervention and prevention can reduce the risk of hearing loss, the worrying news is that it’s on the rise, with a projected 2.5 billion people worldwide to suffer from hearing loss by 2050.  

Hidden Hearing ambassadors Úna Walsh, former Irish rugby player Tony Ward and neuroscientist and author Dr. Sabina Brennan are urging Irish people of all ages to Love Their Ears and stop taking hearing for granted.  

Gifted musician, Úna Walsh who wowed millions of Late Late Toy Show viewers in’21, was ten when she was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss and more than likely had hearing loss since birth.  

“I’m delighted to be part of this worthy campaign to urge people young and old to love their ears” said Hidden Hearing Ambassador Úna. “I cannot put into words how much my bluetooth hearing aid has changed my life. I feel so much more included in everyday things that others may take for granted.” 

Former Irish Rugby Player Tony Ward, who believes his hearing loss was heightened by head injuries during his career said: “I have over 70% hearing loss and without hearing aids I would have a really difficult quality of life. Although my hearing loss did lead to a level of reclusiveness and isolation, my hearing aids have now opened the door to a better life.”  

It’s worth having your hearing checked regularly as hearing loss can be linked to other diseases. Neuroscientist and author Dr Sabina Brennan said: “Hearing loss increases your risk of developing dementia. Untreated hearing loss can lead to social isolation and depression both of which are detrimental to the health of your brain. That’s why adopting hearing health habits like protecting your ears from excessive noise, going for annual hearing tests and wearing hearing aids are a brilliant way to look after your brain health.” 

Hidden Hearing is highlighting the importance of integrating ear and hearing care within primary care, as an essential component of universal health coverage. 

“The ability to hear is a gift and a gift that is often unappreciated. Healthy hearing allows us to interact with loved ones to learn, to socialise and to experience the world at its best” said Dolores Madden Audiologist and Marketing Director with Hidden Hearing.  

Top Tips to Love Your Ears: 

Turn down headphones. 

Where ear protection when needed. 

Get tested regularly. 

Wear hearing aids to protect against hearing loss. 

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